Springere med championtitler oppdrettet av kennel Kahill .
Utstillingschampions fra kennelen:

NUCh.Kahill`s Northern Bobwhite
(Int.SNUCh.Orrlyras Hunter-Int.NUCh.Lajban`s What a Life)
lever/hvit hanhund f.1991.
Eiere:Svein Aaserud/Anne Helen Smedsrud

NUCh.Kahill`s Jaybird
(Int.SNUCh.Orrlyran`s Hunter-Int.NUCh.Lajban`s What a Life)
lever/hvit tispe f.1991.
Eier:Ellen Getz Wold,kennel Kahill.

NUCh.Kahill`s Witches Brew
(Beeline Tambourine Man-NUCh.Whisborne Whitch Witch)
lever/hvit tispe f.1993.
Eier :Ulla Gjessing

NUCh.Kahill`s Sir Philip
(GB.Sh.Ch.N DKUCh.Chaigmarsh Orchid-Int.SNUCh.Rowntree Wedding Bell)
lever/hvit hanhund f.1995
Eiere:Terje Løken/Torbjørn Ulsletten

Dobbeltchampions fra kennelen:

NUCh.NSVCh.Kahill`s Early Spider Orchid
(GB.Sh.Ch.N DKUCh.Chaigmarsh Orchid-NUCh.Kahill`s Jaybird)
lever/hvit hanhund f.1994
Eier:Arild Gjervik,kennel av Orreberget.

NUCh. N SE VCh. BH Kahill`s Black Nightshade
(Calvdale Car Chase- N SE V Ch.Kahill`s The Little Mermaid)
svart/hvit/tan hanhund f.2008
Eier:Ellen Getz Wold

Sporchampions fra kennelen :

NSVCh.NMB06.Kahill`s Coco Chanel
Cleavehill Hocus Pocus-NUCh.SU(u)Ch.SNVCh.BH.With Touch Designed For You)
svart/hvit tispe f.2003
Eier:Lise Kolstad Tromsdal.

BH.NVCh.Kahill`s Stella Mc Cartney
(Cleavehill Hocus Pocus - NUCh.SU(u)Ch.SNVCh.BH.With Touch Designed For You)
lever/hvit tispe f.2003
Eier : Svein Bjerkholt

NVCh.Kahill`s Bright And Beautiful
(SU(u)Ch.Alanea Landcruiser - NUCh.SE NVCh.One Look`s Every Little Dream)
lever/hvit/tan tispe f.2006
Eier : Martin Gjøringbø

Nord.VCh.Kahill`s Hey Soul Sister
(Teesview Teleman - N SE VCh.Kahill`s The Little Mermaid)
lever/hvit tispe f.2010
Eier: Stein Andersen

NVCh.Kahill`s Let Me Entertain You
(Teesview Teleman - N SE VCh.Kahill`s The Little Mermaid)
lever/hvit/tan tispe f.2010
Eier: Veslemøy Drangevåg

N SE VCh.Kahill`s The Little Mermaid
(FINUCh.Streamsides Kingfisher - NUCh.N SEVCh.One-Look`s Every Little Dream)
lever/hvit tispe f. 2004
Eier: Ellen Getz Wold

Nord.VCh. Kahill`s Simply The Best
(Teesview Teleman - N SE VCh.Kahill`s The Little Mermaid)
lever/hvit tispe f. 2010
Eier: Ian Farquhar

  Andre certvinnere fra kennelen :

Kahill`s Hazel-Grouse 2xcert
Kahill`s California Classic 2xcert
Kahill`s Desert Orchid 1xcert
Kahill`s Burning Witch 2xcert
Kahill`s Dolce 2xcert
Kahill`s Rose Wood 1xcert
Kahill`s The Little Mermaid 2xcert
Kahill`s Atlantis 1xcert
Kahill`s Fit As A Fiddle 1x cert